Plantar Wart


  • Lesion caused by infection with HPV 1,2,4 or 63
  • Usually on the sole but lesions can develop interdigitally and sub-ungually
  • Irregular papillomatous lesions develop which may be complicated by associated hyperkeratosis

Diagnostic tips

  • More painful on lateral (squeezing) than direct pressure
  • Haemorrhagic spots may be present in the lesion
  • Normal skin striations are interrupted
  • Can also be passed on within families.
  • May be present on non-weightbearing areas of the sole

Tests and Imaging

  • Diagnosis is usually by clinical examination
  • Biopsy may exclude malignancy

Immediate Treatment

  • Debridement of hyperkeratosis will relieve pain
  • Topical keratolytic can help
  • Laser, Cryotherapy, electrosurgery, curettage are effective
  • Dietary supplements with VitC and Zinc may be effective

Possible Referral

  • Podiatry for expert debridement
  • Podiatry for treatment which may include keratolytics, cryotherapy curettage or Laser
  • Dermatologist for large lesions or immune-compromised patients.