Cuboid Dysfunction


  • May also be referred to as lateral column overload.
  • Presents as intermittent pain on the lateral aspect of the foot and may extend from the heel to the 5th toe.
  • Occasionally there may be subluxation, synovitis, or osteoarthritis associated.

Diagnostic tips

  1. Common in high arched or severely flat feet due to instability of the lateral column.
  2. No specific injury.

Tests and Imaging

  1. Xrays often inconclusive. Ultrasound or bone scan may highlight inflammation.
  2. Tenderness on manipulation of the cuboid.

Immediate Treatment

  1. Footwear advice.
  2. Short term NSAIDs.

Possible Referral

  1. Podiatry for footwear advice/modification, orthotics, mobilisation.