Guys Reveal the Best Valentine’s Day Gift They’ve Received

Valentine’s Day is traditionally the type of holiday where the guy plans a big night out for his girl. But that’s why it’s even sweeter when the girl take the initiative and surprises her guy instead! Whether it’s your first holiday together as a couple or if you’re celebrating a new milestone (translation: engagement) Swimming, there are many ways for you to show your man that you’re serious about being the Best Girlfriend Ever. Here, we asked seven real guys to reveal the most memorable things that their wives and girlfriends have done for them for Valentine’s Day.

“As a guy, I get a little tired of the old Valentine’s night set menu dinner date Swimwear… I would much prefer to go drinking instead if you ask me. One year, my wife planned a historical bar tour around the city, complete with maps and tidbits on each bar we visit. I also love history so it was the perfect combination for a great night out.” — Dave

“One year, my wife gave me a painting she created based off one of my baby pictures Bras. It was such a sweet, personal, and unexpected gift that I loved.” — Cris

“For our first Valentine’s Day together Knickers & Bras, my girlfriend cooked me my favorite meal at home. It’s simple but so sweet and made this at-times high pressure holiday a lot more enjoyable. Also, she’s a fantastic cook!” — Neil

“One year, my girlfriend booked us a trip to Paris for Valentine’s Day. Doesn’t get more romantic than that.” — Rob

“This year, my girlfriend bought me tickets to the San Antonio Spurs vs. Knicks game for Valentine’s Day. I’m from San Antonio and I’ve never been to a game at Madison Square Garden, which has long been on my list. I mean, I was pretty close to shedding man tears.” — Paul

“My girlfriend always packs me a special lunch with treats and food that I like.” — Will

“My birthday falls around Valentine’s Day so the year that I turned 30, when we were only dating, my (now) wife planned a trip for us to go to the Bahamas with two of my friends without my knowledge. She barely knew them, but she knew how much I would enjoy it, and that was the most important thing to her. She’s the most incredible woman I’ve ever known Winter Sports, and I’m so lucky to be married to her.” — Jeff

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