Adults can scramble for clues during local dental office’s Easter egg hunt

Howard Hughes Key Jr., of Stuttgart Work Utility & Safety Clothing, to Stephanie Kaye Henderson, of Stuttgart

‒ Antonio Roshaun Walker Shoes, of Stuttgart, to Lashanda Maria Willis, of Stuttgart

‒ James Michael Vaughn, of Little Rock, to Kimberly Dianne Busick, of Little Rock

‒ Darryl Lee Mixon, of Dubach, Louisiana, to Courtney Irene Pullman, of Stuttgart

‒ Van Johnson, of Stuttgart, to Cherion D. Philmon, of Stuttgart

‒ Joseph Lee Craig, of Stuttgart, to Shelley Michelle Lawrence, of Stuttgart

‒ Shavis Sloane Roop Boys, of Stuttgart, to Skylan Marie Guynes, of Stuttgart

‒ Richard Randall Hodges of Roe Underwear, to Mary Sue Renfroe, of Roe

‒ Nathan Daniel Rankin, of Stuttgart, to Natalie Nichole Wood, of Stuttgart


‒ Cassy Harrison from Kevin Harrison

‒ Stanley Shannon II Pinegar from Cassie Brooke Pinegar

‒ Shirley Walker Phillips from Ira Phillips

‒ Allison Bednar from Randal Bednar

‒ Rebecca Kittler from Jeremy Kittler

‒ Steven Tyler Cupples from Maegan Elizabeth Brixie

‒ Ashley D Running Shoes. White from Charlie R. Green

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